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Delta Dental PPO (Point-of-Service) plan member

With your Delta Dental PPOTM (Point-of-Service) plan, you have access to two of the nation's largest networks of participating dentists—our Delta Dental PPO network and our Delta Dental Premier® network—to help you save money on the dental care you need to stay healthy. 

Two great networks

With your Delta Dental plan, you can go to any licensed dentist, anywhere. However, you will save the most money by choosing one of the thousands of dentists nationwide who participate with Delta Dental.

The Delta Dental Premier network is the largest in the United States, with four out of five dentists participating. This gives you the largest choice of participating dentists and provides significant savings.

The Delta Dental PPO network is smaller than the Delta Dental Premier network, but offers even greater savings.

If you have questions about your Delta Dental PPO plan benefits call Delta Dental at 800-524-0149.

How to use this site

You will find access to everything you need to manage your dental plan benefits right here. Visit anytime—day or night—to access your personalized information.

If you have questions about your dental plan benefits call Delta Dental at 800-524-0149, Monday—Friday 8:30 a.m.– 8 p.m. EST. 

Your Delta Dental website allows you to:

  • Access your Consumer Toolkit® (see instructions below)
  • View your plan summary
  • Print your own member ID card

Find a dentist

Finding a Delta Dental participating dentist near you is fast and easy.
Note: Be sure to choose the correct dental network for your dental plan when searching for a dentist.

Remember, choosing a Delta Dental PPO dentist may save you the most money on out-of-pocket charges if you have a Delta Dental PPO (Point-of-Service) plan!

What’s the Consumer Toolkit

Consumer Toolkit gives you easy, secure access to your benefit information 24/7. Review eligibility, annual maximum used to date, levels of coverage and claims information. You can also search for a dentist, print your member ID card and sign up for electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements.

To access the Toolkit, you will need to register first. To register you will need the following:

  • Subscriber's first and last name
  • Subscriber's date of birth
  • Employee ID number or Social Security number
  • Security question

Benefits Information

View the benefits included in your Delta Dental PPO (Point-of-Service) dental plan.

Understanding your dental benefits

Maximize your benefits by learning about pre-treatment estimates, coordination of benefits, staying in network, read frequently asked questions and more.

Print your own member ID card

To print an ID card, you will need to log in to the Consumer Toolkit. Once logged in, click the Print ID Card link on the left-hand menu. You will see your member ID card displayed on the screen. Use your browser's print function to print as many copies as desired.

Read frequently asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about your dental benefits.

Oral health and wellness

Good oral health habits are important to overall health. Visit the LifeSmileTM Wellness section of our website to read oral health articles, download materials and watch Delta Dental's video series.