New and improved credentialing portal is coming

Network dentists have asked for an improved credentialing experience, and we’re excited to announce that upgraded experience is on its way.

Delta Dental of Ohio’s new online self-service portal for provider credentialing, The Provider Application & Credentialing Toolkit (PACT) is set to release this summer.

PACT will replace AppCentral as Delta Dental’s new credentialing platform and will allow providers to create an account, initiate an application, and complete the credentialing process all within PACT’s online portal. 

Improved Credentialing Experience 

PACT offers a seamless self-service credentialing experience for providers. Providers can easily manage applications within the PACT dashboard with an intuitive user interface that ensures accurate information is being recorded. Reactive questions and clear instructions streamline the credentialing workflow for dentists and administrators alike. 

If additional information is needed after submission, providers will receive an email linking them back to PACT, where clear comments and instructions for further edits will be displayed. A provider’s existing application can be easily corrected and resubmitted to seamlessly resume the credentialing process.  

With PACT’s upload capabilities, users will be able to easily attach files such as certificates, state licenses, or other required documents to supplement the credentialing application. 

Agreements can be viewed and signed digitally, with customized agreements for each individual depending on state licensing and network selection. 

Get started with PACT 

All of these improvements will contribute to a streamlined credentialing experience for providers and administrators alike. Stay tuned for more updates regarding PACT and Delta Dental’s new credentialing experience.

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Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana is accredited by NCQA in credentialing and recredentialing.