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Access your dental benefits information online 24/7

Computer IconOur online tools give you secure access to your dental benefits information around the clock. Use the free tools for:

  • Eligibility. View your specific benefits, including eligibility for your dependents.
  • Up-to-date benefit information. Find current information about your benefits, such as how much of your annual maximum has been used to date, how much is still available to use and levels of coverage for specific dental services.
  • Claims information. Review claims transactions, reimbursements, payment and pre-treatment estimates. You can also print copies of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements.
  • ID cards. Print a copy of your ID card to give to your dentist. ID cards are not always required and do not verify eligibility, although many dental offices like to keep a copy on file.
  • Paperless EOBs. Go green and sign up for paperless delivery of your EOB statements.
  • Dentist search. Search for participating dentists near you.
  • Payments. Our individual plan members are able to update payment information, make payments, view payment history and print receipts. This feature is only available in Individual Account Manager.

Both Toolkits use highly secure encryption technology to protect your personal information. All users must first register to gain access to the online Toolkits.

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