Videos: Drool is Cool

Videos: Drool is Cool

Drool is Cool video series

Oral health is important at every age. Learn about the connection between oral health and overall health, and how you can ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our Drool is Cool video series explores topics such as fluoridated water, oral cancer, baby teeth, salivary diagnostics and the dentist’s role as a disease detective.                       

Watch and share the videos below.

Fluoridated Water: Tap Into It

Did you know an estimated 200 million people drink and cook with fluoridated water every day? In fact, most drinking waters naturally contain fluoride. And when adjusted to a certain level, fluoride can help stop and reduce the development of tooth decay.

Dentists are Disease Detectives

During a dental checkup, dentists are looking for a lot more than cavities and gum disease. They’re searching for clues that may point to serious health issues inside and outside your mouth.

Oral Cancer: We Need to Talk About It

What used to be considered an “old man’s disease” is no longer the case. The face of oral cancer is getting younger and younger, and sadly, the fastest-growing segment of newly diagnosed cases is nonsmoking, young adults.

From Drool to School: Baby the Baby Teeth

Did you know that kids miss 51 million hours of school each year because of issues with their teeth? As children grow, dental needs change. Learn great tips on oral health care for babies all the way up to elementary school-age kids.

Salivary Diagnostics: How Spit Can Save Your Life

Did you know that spit can save your life? We pretty much take it for granted, but saliva can tell us a lot about what’s going on in your entire body. Salivary diagnostics can help detect the germs that cause cavities, the gene that predicts gum disease and infections such as HIV and hepatitis.


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