Spring 2021

Paper checks vs. EFT

Streamline the claims submission process and get paid faster when you utilize Dental Office Toolkit® (DOT) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Last year, COVID-19 resulted in a closure of the Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana mailroom. For dentists using EFT and electronic claims submission through DOT, there were no delays in claims processing or payment. However, dentists not utilizing these services could not have claims processed until the mailroom was able to reopen. This resulted in a backlog of claims and therefore, delayed payments to dentists. 

When submitting a paper claim, it can take Delta Dental up to 10 business days to process your claim. This is because it has to pass through numerous hands before it can be routed for processing.

Delta Dental recognizes the importance of maintaining your business, especially during the pandemic. Cash flow is vital to the ongoing success of your business.

When signing up for EFT, you also have the option to sign up for National Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Remittance Advice (EFT/ERA) and receive direct deposit payments from Delta Dental member companies nationwide!

To help you avoid any future delays in claims processing or payments, we recommend that all dentists take advantage of DOT and EFT. Visit the Dentist—Tools and Resources section of our website for information.

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$11 million in credits

Last year, Delta Dental offered all active, licensed dentists in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana—regardless of Delta Dental network participation—a $1,000 credit to dental supplies and equipment distributor Henry Schein.

Available through December 31, 2020, providers could use the credit toward existing account balances or toward any future purchase of dental products and/or services from Henry Schein.

In total, we distributed more than $11 million in Henry Schein credits.

We followed up with some recipients to see how they put the credit to use. Here’s what a few had to say:

“We used our funds for PPE—gloves, masks and face shields. The assistance was greatly appreciated. As demands went up, so did our investment in these items.”
—Dr. Brian Nylaan; Nylaan Dental in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Delta Dental participating provider

“We purchased new software to drive practice efficiency (go paperless).”
—Dr. Kulbir (Nikki) Jassal; Glowing Smiles Dental in Troy, Michigan; Delta Dental participating provider

“We used our $1,000 credit to purchase needed PPE and supplies to reopen our doors after being closed for 76 days. Thank you Delta Dental.”
—Dr. Ahmad Deebajah; Farmington Family Dental in Farmington, Michigan; Delta Dental participating provider

“I used my credit from Henry Schein to purchase PPE and Arestin (antibiotic) for my (periodontal) patients. It was so helpful to have that $1,000 to help after we were closed for so long. I wasn’t allowed to see any patients from mid-March through July as I am a kidney transplant patient and I had to stay as safe as I could. This credit helped me get a few necessary items to get my practice up and running.”
—Dr. Sue Cabadas; Sue Cabadas DDS in Allen Park, Michigan; Delta Dental participating provider

“Our office was able to use the credit toward our PPE, additional disinfecting supplies, headrest covers, etc. We appreciate the credit given to our office.”
—Missy Wurzelbacher; Zettler Orthodontics in Hamilton, Ohio; Delta Dental participating provider

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Join Delta Dental Medicaid Ohio!

Delta Dental Medicaid™ Ohio will serve Medicaid beneficiaries and is administered by Delta Dental of Ohio. Grow your practice and help to increase your community’s access to oral health care by joining this new network today!

If you haven't already joined, take action today and ensure your practice is listed in the directory of participating providers!

Participation in this new network requires:

  1. Active enrollment as a Medicaid provider through the State of Ohio’s Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS)
  2. Active signed provider agreement with Delta Dental of Ohio
  3. An Ohio Medicaid Provider Agreement Amendment (will be distributed in near future)
  4. Credentialing through Delta Dental of Ohio

You must take action to join this network.

Click here to request more information from your professional relations representative.

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Volunteer to vaccinate

As shared by the Ohio State Dental Board, the State of Ohio is asking qualified health care professionals—including dentists and dental hygienists—to help vaccinate Ohioans against COVID-19 by volunteering on a temporary basis at mass vaccination locations designated by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

In its communications, the Ohio State Dental Board clarified that it is not changing any statute or administrative rules in the Dental Practice Act regarding the authority to vaccinate. This temporary measure and any authorization from ODH is limited to administering the COVID-19 vaccine at mass locations designated by ODH and not at dental practices.

Have you signed up as a vaccination volunteer? Let us know by emailing Lisa Nguyen, Delta Dental senior special projects and public relations officer.

If you’re still interested in volunteering for this opportunity, follow these steps:

Step 1—Go to the “Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry” at https://www.ohioresponds.odh.ohio.gov

Step 2—Click “Register Now.”

Step 3—Click “Add Organizations,” select the plus sign (+) for a drop-down of county MRC units.

Step 4—Select your county of residence or employment.

Step 5—Complete the application.

Step 6—Wait to hear from your local coordinator with next steps within one to two days.

For assistance with registering, please call ODH at 833-427-5634.

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Navigating DOT

The Dental Office Toolkit® (DOT) is a free online tool, available 24/7, that helps provider offices streamline daily tasks. Within DOT, you can:

  • Check member benefits including coverage, frequencies, maximums, etc.
  • Submit claims/pre-treatment estimates.
  • Search patient history.
  • View processing policies if available.
  • View/manage EFTs.
  • View provider fee schedules (certain networks only).
  • Manage DOT users for your business (Tax ID).

If you still need to sign up for DOT, or are new to the system, you can find helpful login details and tutorials here

The tutorials can address helpful topics like performing history searches or changing account access for an administrator. Remember that when performing a search, you should search by treating dentist.

Additionally, here are a few common questions we get from DOT users:

Which Delta Dental member companies can I view information and submit claims for within DOT? 

A list is available on your Service Office Details landing page. The Delta Dental member companies include:

  • Delta Dental of Michigan
  • Delta Dental of Ohio
  • Delta Dental of Indiana
  • Delta Dental of North Carolina
  • Delta Dental of Arkansas
  • Delta Dental of Kentucky
  • Delta Dental of Nebraska
  • Delta Dental of New Mexico
  • Delta Dental of Minnesota
  • Delta Dental of Tennessee
  • Delta Dental of Wisconsin (Medicare Advantage ONLY)

Where can I find the processing policies?

Once you have a member pulled up in DOT, you’ll see “Processing Policies” in the left-hand navigation under the “Member” heading.

Where can I find additional frequencies?

These are visible in a member’s processing policies. 

What does TIN mean?

TIN stands for Tax Identification Number.

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Delta Dental Foundation community investments

The Delta Dental Foundation recently approved more than $1 million in funding for initiatives in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. A few highlights include:

  • $125,000 to Project Accessible Oral Health for the national All Smiles Are Special campaign to bring national awareness to the inequities that exist in health care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • $113,200 to Five Rivers Health Centers in Dayton, Ohio, to purchase equipment for the Edgemont Campus Dental Center, which will have 10 dental chairs with electronic dental record and digital X-ray capability. This move will consolidate five locations and eight departments into one central location to create a one-stop shop for patient care.
  • $59,650 to Dr. Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic in Pontiac, Michigan, to provide University of Michigan School of Dentistry students with a better understanding of and exposure to community-based care. This Expanded Oral Health Access Partnership will increase patient capacity by adding a fourth dental operatory and employing two to three dental students three days per week.
  • $20,000 to Dental Lifeline Network Indiana for the Donated Dental Service program that provides free dental care to individuals with disabilities, the elderly and those who are medically fragile through a statewide network of volunteers.

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