Tips for an Efficient Office

Dentist and patient

Running a well-organized practice is important at all times, but especially when going through the Focused Review process. Focused Review requires additional information be submitted for specific procedure codes. By maintaining good notes and records on ALL performed services, your office will easily be able to provide the necessary documentation during Focused Review.Dentist icon

  • Make sure notes written in patient charts are legible.
  • Document any patient concerns or issues communicated to you.
  • Clearly label all X-rays with the patient name and date the X-ray was taken.
  • Thoroughly document treatment plans, even using a separate section if necessary, to completely document treatment recommendations and the priority in which treatment should occur.
  • Progress notes should include all details relating to the patient’s treatment including procedures, specialized services, supplies, etc.
  • Always submit claims under the license number and/or Type 1 NPI number of the provider that rendered the services.

Request pre-treatment estimates—every group contract is different, so ensuring a procedure is covered helps patients understand how much they might owe.