Preventive Dental Visits

Preventive Dental Visits

Don’t cancel on your dentist

Seeing a dentist isn’t just for children. While growing older may have its advantages, canceling your dental appointments can mean serious harm for your oral health.

One hundred million Americans fail to see a dentist each year, but regular dental visits can prevent many oral health problems or help identify them earlier when treatment may be simpler and more affordable. 1 In fact, every dollar you spend on preventive care, such as brushing and dental cleanings, may save you money later in restorative care and emergency procedures.2

Dental care is very personal, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with the dentist you choose and that your dentist has a schedule and location that are convenient for you. To find a dentist in your area, visit your state Delta Dental website and use the dentist search tool.

A healthy smile and healthier you are just around the corner!

This information is available for download as an oral health flyer.

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