Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Update

Change Healthcare continues to see the impacts of a cybersecurity incident on February 21.

Change Healthcare is working with law enforcement and leading third-party consultants, Mandiant and Palo Alto Network, on this attack against its systems. After discovering the security incident on February 21st, ChangeHealthCare took the precautionary steps to disconnect its systems while it investigates the incident. Change Healthcare is working to restore the impacted environment but has not yet provided a timeframe of when they expect to be operational.

  • If a provider utilizes Change HealthCare to submit claims to Delta Dental, they may see a delay in claims processing as ChangeHealthCare is not currently able to electronically submit claims to Delta Dental. In addition, Change HealthCare is unable to provide Delta Dental access to the attachments submitted with claims received prior to connections being severed making it impossible to adjudicate those claims.
  • For claims received from Change HealthCare that were processed by Delta Dental on or after February 20th and paid through EFT, providers may see payments deposited into their bank account but will experience a delay in delivery of the corresponding electronic remittance advice (which is delivered by Change HealthCare). 
  • The cyber event did not impact Delta Dental’s systems. However, to further protect Delta Dental’s member and provider data, Delta Dental has temporarily stopped all data exchange and connectivity with Change HealthCare. 
  • Providers have the ability to submit claims directly to Delta Dental via Dental Office Toolkit (DOT) at free of charge. The DOT was not impacted by the cyber event at Change Healthcare.
  • Delta Dental is actively monitoring Change HealthCare’s status update notifications.

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