Delta Dental of Ohio

Master's Thesis Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2017 award recipients!


The University of Michigan School of Dentistry

  • Dr. Shan-Huey Yu, "Systemic Administration of Sclerostin Monoclonal Antibody to Promote Dental Implant Osseointegration."
  • Dr. Andrew N. Dill, "The Effect of Simulated Porcelain Firings on Marginal and Internal Gaps of 6-Unit Colbalt-Chronium Fixed Dental Prostheses."
  • Dr. Hassan M. Yehia, "IV Sedation in Endodonticcs: Graduate Program Efforts and Practictioners' Attitudes and Professional Behavior."
  • Dr. Hooman Rabiee, "CBCT and Endodontic Care: Endodontists’ and Endodontics Residents’ Educational Experiences, Knowledge, Attitudes and Professional Behavior."
  • Dr. Geetha Duddanahalli Siddanna, "Surface Evaluation of Resilient CAD/CAM Ceramics After Contouring and Polishing."
  • Dr. Suhaib Alqawasmeh, "Surface Evaluation of Hand Polished Chairside CAD/CAM Full Contour Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate Restorations."

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry

  • Dr. Alan Carlotto, "Evaluating the Effectiveness of the COHIPinassessing QOL measures in Pedopts With Dentofacial Deformatics."
  • Dr. Rachael Maerz, "Objective Monitoring and Intervention Techniques with Long Term Adherence Using MADs for Obstructive Sleep Apnea."
  • Dr. Trang Nguyen, "Localized Juvenile Spongiotic Gingival Hyperplasia."
  • Dr. Trenton Johnson, "Characteristics of Peri-Implant Bone Quality with Guided Bone Regeneration."
  • Dr. Soorya Srinivasan, "Assessing TAD-Tooth Root Proximity with CBCT imaging: Is it Accurate and is Metal Artefact Reduction Algorithm Effective?"
  • Dr. Melissa Papio, "The Role of Dentofacial Attractiveness on Visual Attention and Perceived Physchosocial Opinion."

Indiana University School of Dentistry

  • Dr. Hussain Alsayed, "Effect of Interim Fixed Prosthodontics Materials and Flowable Composite on Polymerization of Polyvinyl Siloxane Impressions."
  • Dr. AbdulRahman A. Balhadad, "First Hand Nicotine/Tobacco Exposure on Streptococcus mutans Biofilm and Effect of Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride and Potassium Iodide Salts."
  • Dr. Perrapat Kaweewongpraseert, "Invitro Study of Fracture Resistance and Failure Mode of Different Design of All-Ceramic Restoration Connected With Titanium-base Adjustments."
  • Dr. Rayan Yaghmoor, "Effect of Low Concentrations of Antibiotic Intracanal Medicaments on Crown Doscolorations and Push Out Bond Strength."
  • Dr. Kathryn Epkey, "The Antibacterial Stability of a New Radiopaque Double Antibiotic Paste."
  • Dr. Carolin Ibrahim, "The Antibacterial Effects of Radiopaque Double Antibiotic Paste Against Clinical Bacterial Isolates from Mature and Immature Teeth with Necrotic Pulps."
  • Dr. Ross Biggerstaff, "The Residual Antibacterial Effects of a New Radiopaque Double Antibiotic Paste After Various Treatment Times."
  • Dr. Fatma Aldawood, "Evaluation of Caries Detection Methods for Their Ability to Determine Caries Lesion Activity."